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Welcome to 121 Drive

Our simple aim is to make you a better driver, and to ensure that the skills you learn will stay with you long after the training is finished. So if you are a learner taking your first steps on a long driving career or an experienced driver looking to inject  that little bit of sparkle into your driving then 121Drive have the expertise to help.


I have a excellent pass rate with over 80% of pupils passing first time.


Learning to drive should be a enjoyable experience and as part of the training we will always strive to make the lessons as constructive and enjoyable as possible.


We have a variety of courses and programs to ensure the training is tailored to what you require. This includes anything from a single hour’s tuition, a simple refresher lesson

right up to an intensive program to get you ready for a test or exam.


If you have any questions please feel free to call for advice.









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Phone 07786 698515